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FIBARO DOUBLE SWITCH (FGS-223)Control two independent loads (lights and appliances) up to 1.5KW.6.5A per channel and 10A total load.DIY installation a..
299.00 SAR
FIBARO SINGLE SWITCH (FGS-213)Control lights and appliances up to 2KW (8A) loads. DIY installation and user-friendly configuration menu. Sma..
264.50 SAR
FIBARO ROLLER SHUTTER 3 (FGR-223)Works with motorized roller blinds, Venetian blinds, awnings, and gates.Power Source 110V – 230V +/-10% 50/60Hz.Activ..
287.50 SAR
Fibaro Home Center 3 (Part Number HC3)Smart home system gateway (smart hub).Do-it-yourself using a friendly user interface.Easy automation scenarios a..
2,875.00 SAR
FIBARO WALLI SWITCH WHITE COLOR  FGWDSEU-221 Stylish design power switch.Can be connected to one or two light circuits.Measures active power..
402.50 SAR
FIBARO WALLI ROLLER SHUTTER WHITE COLOR FGWREU-111Elegant and pretty good-looking roller shutter device.Control shutters and motors of roller blinds a..
402.50 SAR
FIBARO WALLI DIMMER WHITE COLOR FGWDEU-111Stylish design light dimmer. Measures active power and energy consumed by the controlled load.Incr..
402.50 SAR
FIBARO SMART IMPLANT FGBS-222Connection of 2x 2-wire analog sensors, 2x 3-wire analog sensors, 2x binary sensors.Connection of up to 6x digital temper..
241.50 SAR
BLASTBOT UNIVERSAL SMART Wi-Fi TO IR REMOTE CONTROLControl IR devices like TV, Air Conditioner, Sound System. . . etc.Works with a standalone mobile a..
253.00 SAR
Internet Router with Parental Control from LumaReplaces Wi-Fi Extenders and Routers, Free Virus Blocking, Free Parent..
103.50 SAR
FIBARO SMOKE SENSORVersatile, elegant, and stylish. Smoke sensor, fire sound alarm, firelight indicator, and temperature sensor. Voice control usin..
230.00 SAR
FIBARO ROLLER SHUTTER 2Works with motorized roller blinds,Venetian blinds, awnings, and gates.Power Source 110V – 230V +/-10% 50/60Hz.Dimensions (L..
230.00 SAR