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FIBARO BYPASS 2 (FGB-002)Work with FIBARO Dimmer.Prevent lights flickering.Compact size fixed inside light switch box.Reduces the minimum power of lo..
63.25 SAR
FIBARO THE BUTTON (FGPB-101)FIBARO Button is a compact and portable device.Execute various scenes and actions defined in FIBARO System.Up to 6 differe..
230.00 SAR
FIBARO Z-WAVE WALLPLUG TYPE G (FGWPG-111)Intelligent remote-controlled Z-Wave power wall plug. Measure power and energy consumption.Multiple LE..
322.00 SAR
FIBARO RGBW CONTROLLER (FGRGBWM-442)Controls LED, RGB, RGBW Strips, Halogen lights, and resistive loads. Compact size fixed inside your light sw..
402.50 SAR
FIBARO LITE 3 (FGHCL)Smart home system gateway (smart hub).Do-it-yourself using the friendly user interface.Easy automation scenarios and rules config..
920.00 SAR
FIBARO INTERCOM (FGIC-002)Two relay outputs to control two gates. Ultra-wide-angle lens up to 180° with IR illumination for night vision. Standalone ..
3,450.00 SAR
FIBARO KEYFOB (FGKF-601)Compact remote control pocket size. Controls and activate scenes or individual devices. Six buttons to control other devices t..
184.00 SAR
FIBARO FLOOD SENSOR (FGFS-101)The device gives an alarm whenever there is a water overflow in the area. The device has a built-in visual LED indicato..
368.00 SAR
Internet Router with Parental Control from LumaReplaces Wi-Fi Extenders and Routers, Free Virus Blocking, Free Parent..
103.50 SAR
FIBARO SMOKE SENSORVersatile, elegant, and stylish. Smoke sensor, fire sound alarm, firelight indicator and temperature sensor. Voice control using..
230.00 SAR