P800 Dimmer

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P800 Futronix 8 Channel Remote Control Dimmer, Polished Stainless Steel inc Remote Control with back box

The P800 puts the luxury of multi-room control in your hands. Your favourite lighting levels in four rooms can be operated from the attractive wall mounted switch panels. You can create the mood or set the scene in each area for every purpose.

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Futronix P800 Programmable Scene Dimmer


  • 8 channel 2.0kW dimmer
  • 4 channels of 1-10v fluorescent ballast dimming control
  • no minimum load on any channel
  • control up to 8 circuits (channels) with 20 programmable scenes per area
  • multi-zone (can control up to 4 rooms independently)
  • infra-red remote control
  • built-in LED information display and infra-red receiver
  • variable fade rates from 0.5 seconds to 2 hours (to gradually turn lights on/off)
  • temporary circuit adjustment without save
  • master raise and lower
  • exit delay
  • sleep timer
  • built-in 24-hr 7-day event timer (battery-backed)
  • security settings
  • permanent memory (in the event of a power blackout you don’t lose pre-set scenes or need to re-programme your dimmer)
  • pre-wired wall box for electrician-friendly installation

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