Fire Panel 8 Zone

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Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel- SANC

Features :
* 4/8 zone conventional fire alarm panels
* Siren Outputs; 1 Fire Alarm Relay; 1 Fault Relay
* Repeater Output (compatible with GST 116RP and Crossfire RP)
* Up to 30 detectors per zone
* 3 User Levels
* Product with CE Certification


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Primary Power Input 100-240V AC 50-60 Hz 1,5 A Power Supply
Secondary Power Input 2 Lead-Acid 12V Batteries (up to 7,2 Ah)
Input Zones CROSSFIRE 4: 4 input zones; CROSSFIRE 8: 8 input zones. Fully monitored
Siren Output
2 output sirens 24VDC. Open collector outputs fully monitored with EOL resistor
4,7Kohm. 300mA electronic resettable fuse protection.
Relay Output 2 Relay outputs, one for Fault and other for Fire alarm.
Both 24VDC 1 A max.
24VDC. 300mA electronic resettable fuse protection.
Operational Temperature -5ºC~+45ºC
Material and Color ABS, Colour: White
Dimensions 321 x 286 x 90 mm
Weight 1,6Kg
Recommended Wiring Fire cable 2 core and Earth 1.0mm2 CSA, complying with local installation codes
Certification CE Certification nº1328-CPD-0176.

Aux. Power Output 24VDC. 300mA electronic resettable fuse protection.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 32.1 × 28.6 × 9 cm


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