Ceiling Digital PIR

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Takex TAK-PA8410E Detector- Ceiling Digital Quad PIR
  • Indoor/outdoor sensor with 4 separate mirror optic twin element pyros
  • N.O and N.C output
  • Detection pattern can be adjusted remotely if necessary
  • Waterproof AES Housing
  • 9 – 30V DC, 30mA
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Detection system Passive infrared
Coverage Wide angle
33′ (10m) Max.
56 Zones(112 beams)
Coverage adjustment Vertical : 24 Horizontal : ±15°
Mounting position Indoor or outdoor ceiling
Installation Height 13′(4m) to26′(8m)
Supply Voltage 9 to 30V DC (non-polarity)
Current Consumption 30mA Max.
Alarm output •  Dry contact(semi-conductor) output (N.C./N.O.)
•  24V (AC/DC) 0.25A (resistive load) (protective resistor 3.3 Q)
•  Warm up : Approx.1min.(No alarm condition)
•  One-shot output at detection (Approx.2sec.)
•  Continuously output when detecting functional troubles.
•  Continuously output when detecting low supply voltage.
Tamper output •  Dry contact output: (N.C.)
•  30V (AC/DC) 0.1 A (resistive load)
•  Tamper output: Real time output
Alarm LED •  Red LED
•  Blinks during warm up (Approx. 1min.)
•  One shot lights (Approx. 2sec.) at detection
•  Continuously lights when detecting functional troubles.
•  Continuously lights when detecting low supply voltage.
Functions •  Trouble alarm
•  Low supply voltage alarm
• Tamper signal
•  LED control (L/C)
•  Area control(A/C)
•  Alarm LED(ON/OFF)
•  Sensitivity adjustable for 60/80/100/120%
Ambient temperature range +4 Fto+122 F(-20Cto+50 C) without condensation
Wiring Terminals
Weight 33.250Z (950g)
Appearance Body : AES resin . Cover: PE resin
Accessories Water-proof grommet: ipce, tapping screw : 2pcs


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm


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